It’s All About the Honey, Honey

Honey Bee Interior Design

So you just bought your first home, or maybe you’ve been living in your home for a few months or years now and your looking around trying to figure out what is missing. Maybe your walls are lacking the pinterest worthy decor you’ve been pining after, or maybe your bed room is screaming for a face lift. Whatever the case may be, the one thing you DON’T want to do is spend your precious time and money on the wrong decor or improvements. I’m sure most of us agree. We try to tap in to our local target or home goods store and blindly put together a what we think will be beautifully themed room, but once we put it all together there is just something off.

If any of the above descibes you then you need to keep on reading. We’ve got the answer to ALL your problems here with one name. HONEY BEE INTERIOR DESIGNS.


Meet Katherine. Owner and Principal designer of Honey Bee Interior Design. Having a degree in interior architecture Kathrine decided to open her own business & pursue her passion in the world of interior design. Being a world traveler, she likes to  pull inspiration from the places that she has visited.

“I’m a pretty  down-to-earth and eclectic chick, and my business style shows that. I don’t believe in smoke in mirrors; i’m transparent, honest and my business is built on organic ideas and love of all things local. I design for real people who just want to add a little magic to their homes.” – Katherine (owner)


Kathrine lives and works in North Carolina. She believes every space has a solution, and every person has their own unique style. Her goal is to bring out  your personality in your space. Kathrine understands just how daunting a blank or outdated space can be, or how when you walk into your home you may feel uninspired and bored. She takes the stress out of your interior design project & adds a little positivity and fun!

So what services does Honey Bee offer you ask?

E-Design– If you’re looking for a budget-friendly and fast design solution  Honey Bee’s E-design service is the answer! If you need help with one or several spaces, don’t have time for the full remodel service, or don’t live in proximity of me, this is for you.

Other Services Provided:

Small Space Solution: Small space – big style.         
You will have a space that is well organized + stylish. Win-win!

Rental Property: Let’s make YOU more money         
Update your rental property and get more bookings.

 Combination Spaces
A space in your home that double functions doesn’t have to look like two separate spaces anymore.

Complete Remodels
Designing a layout from start to finish.

Furniture Selection
I will be your shopping partner for furnishing and accessories.


We also asked Kathrine if she’s got any special promotions for you – so GO GET IT NOW-   If you book a paint color consultation before May 1 you get 10% off ($87 after discount)

If you want to learn more about Kathrine and Honey Bee Interior Design we highly recommend you visit her website here! Check out recent work, testimonials, and my favorite – her “decor + explore” blog!!

Kathrine  also has  a Facebook group page that is for locals to get design resources and advice from her – she does live Q&A’s there weekly!!


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