After traveling so much during the summer it’s nice to have few weekends at home. Some weekends I’m extremely motivated to make the most of my time off, meet up with friends and get sh** done – other weekends I turn into an introvert, have movie marathons, and rarely leave my apartment. But hey- thats the beauty of a having two days off – you can do whatever you want with your time. Anyways, I’m sharing seven weekend things I like to do, places I like to eat, and things I like to wear.

Sunny’s Diner

Most of my Saturday mornings are spent grabbing breakfast across the street at Sunny’s Diner on Glenwood Avenue. It’s easy to over look as it is attached to the gas station and Dunkin Donuts, but it’s a great local option to grab a tasty and affordable breakfast. The owner Sunny and his wife run the show here and we are always so impressed by the quality and speed of the food being served!

Gym / Pilates

During the workweek I’m usually rushing to the gym at 5pm- the busiest hour of them all. On weekends I like to take advantage of the off hours during the middle of the day when less people are there. I’ll head over to my local Planet Fitness around 12 for a killer workout or head to my apartment gym and knock out my Pilates! Side note: If you want killer core workouts try the beginner calendar on

Oakwood Dog Park

Raleigh dog mom’s / dad’s this is my favorite place to bring my dog Boomer on the weekends. It’s about a 20 min drive from my house on the weekends and 30/40 in traffic on the weekdays – so I typically save the park for the weekends only. It’s a great treat for boomer to run in a big open space with plenty of other dogs. They have two dog parks, one for small dogs and one for big dogs. A single fence separates the two and dogs from each park often enjoy running along the fence together. This is great for any dog parents who have puppies and want to start small and slowly graduate them to the big dog park.

Distressed Jeans

You’ll probably find me wearing ripped jeans almost every weekend. Because I live in the corporate world during the weekdays, I don’t have much freedom with my wardrobe. My favorite 2 pairs of destroyed denim I’ve found lately are from Nordstrom Rack and Express.

Avocado Toast

I’m constantly on the search for the best avocado toast Raleigh has to offer. Some pretty great one’s I’ve tried are from First Watch and Happy + Hale. Even better when I have the ingredients at home and can make the mash for myself – a classic weekend tradition.

My homemade Avocado Toast – Whole Grain or Sourdough toast- 2 mashed avocados with lime juice, sea salt, pepper, and cilantro – topped with feta, halved cherry tomatoes, an over easy egg and red pepper flakes! YUM!

Binge Watch F•R•I•E•N•D•S


Waking up early on Sunday mornings I can always my favorite TV series of all time – Friends! I’ve seen the show maybe 4 times through already and there ain’t no stopping me! In real life I’m probably more of a Monica, but trying to dress like Rachel. But that’s okay because in the end I’ll get my Chandler ❤️

Finding a New Bar to Unwind At

I didn’t realize when I first moved  how much Raleigh has to offer. Ben & I spent a good portion of our first year here visiting the same local bars in our area. Now we like to hop on yelp app and pick a new bar each weekend to try something new. We love visiting local digs, but don’t mind the drive to surrounding areas that offer new experiences!


That’s all for today! What are your Sunday Sevens? Drop your favorite outfits, places to visit, and things to do below in the comments!



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