First, let me start by saying that GoalFriends is a community of amazing women who are passionate, and eager to connect and empower one another. I am overwhelmed by the amount love and support I’ve already received after my first GoalFriends meeting. It has been inspiring to hear their stories about GoalFriends and the positive impact it has had on their lives.

If you want to read my testimonial about why I joined GoalFriends you can visit the guest blog post I wrote for their website here!

In addition, I’m writing t h i s post because many of you have reached out to me wondering what all the GoalFriends buzz is about. I thought – who better to tell you about it than the CEO & COO themselves! Last night I sat down with Darlene Whitehurst (CEO) and Jeanie Chang (COO) of GoalFriends. We put on a photo shoot, drank some wine, and shared some laughs while they told me about their vision for GoalFriends. I hope the Q & A below will answer some of your questions. Please feel free to leave a comment or email goalfriends@goalfriends.com with any additional questions you may have!

Q & A

with Darlene Whitehurst (CEO) and Jeanie Chang (COO)

A: How was GoalFriends started?

D:  “I was 33 years old when I was called by god to create something that would help and inspire others. That’s where the idea of GoalFriends began. I told myself I would accomplish this by 50, and when I was 49 I looked at my watch and said Yikes! At that time I was juggling my business and developing the GoalFriends workbook. I looked at my team and told them I needed to take a step aside right now to focus on this dream.”


A: What do you want readers to know about GoalFriends?

D: “GoalFriends was not just “born” it was created by ambitious, hard-working  women. The GF brand ambassadors have been members since inception and they are a true inspiration to me every day. When we created the concept for GoalFriends we realized that personal development has never been taken into the home before. Our goal was, and still is, to create a space for women to talk about their dreams and their sucess. To set goals and achieve them- together. Every time I’m at a meeting I am so floored by the genuineness of each and every GoalFriend.  I really wish I had something like this when I was in my 20s.”


A: When do GoalFriends meet?

D: “GoalFriends meet once a month. At your first meeting you will purchase one of the GF’s workbooks. You take this home with you, kind of like homework, and fill out each section before your next meeting. We start with your bucketlist and keep adding to it along the way. We encourage women to meet once a month at a restuarant or a rotate hosting it at someones home. Bring some food to share and some wine, and enjoy your evening with your new GoalFriends.”

A: Jeanie, why did you decide to join GoalFriends?

J: ” A few years ago I met Shannon Scholl, a GF Ambassador. She had met me at a time in my life when I was searching for something more. I wanted to be a part of something that drove me over the edge with passion. She sat me down one day and asked me what my goals for my future were. I was really taken back from this experience because no one has ever taken interest in me or my dreams like she had. When I explained to  her I wanted to be a part of something big she told me I needed to come with her to the next GoalFriends meet up, and because I respected her so much, I decided to try it out. That first meeting I went to I cried more than I have in 5 years- and I’m a therapist! The tables definitely turned, but for me that was truly a defining moment when I knew I was a part of something special. I was absolutely blown away by the authenticity of the women in that room. The kindness of the women involved…I’ve never seen it before.”

A: What is the ultimate GOAL for GoalFriends?

J: “The ultimate GOAL is for every women to have the opportunity to be a GF. To be inspired and inspire others. It’s really more of a collaboration than a network – the force of women rising are so pure of heart, they only attract those who really want to inspire others to reach their dreams. The end goal is to transform your life.


A: So, whats next for GoalFriends?

D: “We want women of all ages to embrace the power and community of GoalFriends. As I always say – you’re never to old to dream! We would love to reach more of the millennials, females in their early twenty’s, or students who are just starting college. We feel that GoalFriends can make a strong and positive impact in these women’s lives.”


To learn more about GoalFriends, or to join or start a new group, pelase email goalfriends@goalfriends.com or click here to be directed to their website where you can learn more about the booklet and how to start!

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  1. Liz McBride
    August 22, 2018 / 12:06 am

    Wonderful QandA Amanda, Thank you for being part of our vision

    Liz McBride
    Mayor of GoalFriends

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