This weekend Ben & I were invited for a stay at the wonderful Hilton Raleigh Hotel in North Hills. We had such a great time I felt compelled to write an entire blog post about it.  Getting to stay at the Hilton provided us with a perfect opportunity for us to celebrate an over due date night. With our crazy schedules, it had been a while for us to just take some time sit, and it was quite nice to take a break from the typical busy day. Sometimes it’s nice not to have anything planned out, and to just see what you feel like doing as the day progresses!


We got a sitter for the kids (jk…just our dog Boomer) and headed out for a day of self pampering. We arrived at the Hilton and had a speedy check in. The hotel was bumping with wedding guests, travelers, and a female soccer league. I ran up to the room to snag some photos and jump on our king sized bed! The room was more spacious than I expected and the King bed we enjoyed was the most comfortable hotel bed I’ve ever slept in.  I’ve never felt something so soft, and the pillows felt like cozy clouds you could just wrap your arms around and hold on to forever. Soon enough we were getting pretty for our date night. We put on our best clothes (and my new favorite Steve Madden booties) and headed downstairs for a cocktail and the lobby bar. Anton, our bartender, was a charismatic and attentive employee.  I hope he enjoyed our company as much as we enjoyed his and his delicious specialty cocktails!


We headed out for a night on the town and of course our first stop was Level7. They always have exceptional service and their current seasonal menu is to die for. Next up was Capital Grille ( so we could feel fancy) , then Yardhouse for a crab dip appetizer and football games! What a wonderful  night filled with laughter and libations. We headed back to  the Hilton to enjoy a romantic dinner at their 88 Oaks restaurant. About a month ago we attended their relaunch party, and were able to sample the new menu. We ordered our favorites from that night which were the Braised Short Rib and the Shrimp & Grits, but not before we wined and dined with a house cab and charcuterie board.


Ben also ordered their wings, and they were so good that they get their own little section of recognition here. I’m going to let Ben jump on the blog and tell you ALL about them.

“Ben here… you guys have to try 88 Oaks wings. Not only are they large, full wings, their dry rub is unlike any others. They are smoked in house and covered with their special dry rub, a beautiful mixture of spice and sugar. They were the perfect blend of sweet and savory because of that touch of sugar. Its one of the only two items on the menu that the restaurant didn’t change. It’s a fan favorite for a reason and I strongly encourage you to stop in there and try them next time your in the area! ”

We really could go on forever about all the delicious food we had but I’ll let the pictures do the talking. If you want to check out their full menu I have linked it here.

That’s all for me tonight guys. Just remember that hitting the reset button once in a while is healthy, and a great way to do it is by treating yourself to a staycation.  It gives you something to look forward to as the weekend approaches, is as relaxing and fulfilling as a vacation, and by Monday, you’ll be back to the real world refreshed and ready to go!

Thanks again to the wonderful Hilton Raleigh North Hills and their hospitable staff for making our staycation amazing!

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