Every year I get overly excited for the holidays. I typically begin my Christmas shopping as early as September. I start cultivating ideas of what to get for my family and friends and begin my research. This year, during my quest for the perfect presents and gift wrap ideas,  I’ve learned about the dark side of traditional gift wrapping paper.

Did you know Americans produce over 25% more trash during the holidays? The issue with traditional wrapping paper is that it’s dying & lamination make recycling difficult. Most of the wrap odes not end up in a plastic bin intended for reuse- it ends up in trashbags headed for the landfill in which we produce nearly 4 million lbs of it!

What’s a better alternative? Wrap with paper that is already laying around. Brown paper, newspaper, or use eco-friendly alternatives.

This year I’m jumping into the brown paper trend. The options are endless, and the style is so versatile you can do just about anything if you use your imagination! Below I’ve styled a few ways to decorate using brown paper as gift wrap. Enjoy and let me know what you think!



 One way to change up the standard brown paper wrap is by buying yourself some ink & stamps.  To begin, cut a piece of brown paper large enough to wrap your gift. Use the stamps and ink pad to randomly stamp images across the surface of the paper, or you can do it like I did and use the stamps to write out a small message or name.



Obviously paint is a great way to create a beautiful design on any wrapping paper. Try to think outside of the box here. For my gift I chose a dry flat brush to dry brush the white paint on my brown wrapping paper. I love the rustic / distressed look it gives. There are a million ways to do this, but here are a few other ideas : splatter the paint all over your wrapping paper, paint a pattern, a name, use a stencil, sponge, and newspaper to create new unique patterns. I promise your family and friends will be impressed!


Items from nature / artificial leaves / twine

Simple and to the point. A classic spin on the brown paper wrap. Leave the brown paper to do what it does best, and source out objects from nature to add a bit of flare to your wrapping. Think of using a pine leaf branch, fall leaves, flowers (i love the white / gold spray painted look!), bells, ribbons, etc. Minimalism is in style any time of year.




PATTERNS! I am most excited about how this piece turned out! I’ve recently come to love patterns, stripes, all things classified “Scandinavian” design. I was inspired to try out a few patterns I came across while browsing the web. Who knew juxtaposing a few lines here and there could look so GOOD? Get on Pinterest or your favorite design site and look for inspiration if you don’t already have something in mind. Make sure to wrap with a pretty bow or glam it up with some glittery accents for that special touch.



Rule No.5 – card-stock is your best friend. If you want a polished look but don’t have enough time or money to buy painting supplies or the like – opt for card-stock. It’ll run you about $1 for one page. You can likely find the cardstock paper in the scrap-booking section of Micheal’s or any craft store. Find a cute pattern or color you like and start cutting to the shape of your box like I did above. You can also cut this in diamonds, hearts, triangles and more to create a more stylized pattern.




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  1. December 6, 2018 / 3:42 pm

    Love the wrapping! Very creative (can’t see whats under my gift wrap)!!!

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