Hey guys- June has been a crazy month for me and it doesn’t look like it’s slowing down anytime soon. It may not be as much as other calendars but I found some cool things to check out this month in Raleigh & surrounding areas! If you would like me to add your event please email me!


June 2nd – Crawfish Boil – State Farmers Market- Raleigh – 1201 Agriculture St.

June 4th – 10th – Triangle Restaurant Week  -North Hills – Week long celebration of culinary excellence. Restaurants offer special 3 course meals and fixed pricing, a great opportunity for visitors/residents alike to indulge in the area’s finest foods!

June 5th – Friends Trivia ( OH MY GOD ) – Bombshell Beer Company – Holly Springs

June 7th – Lobster + Wine Night w/ Cousins Maine Lobster – Dram & Draught – Raleigh

June 9th – Dead & Company – Coastal Credit Union Music Park
– Raleigh’s International Food Festival – Fayetteville St, Raleigh

June 10th – Father’s Day Cooking Event- Flour Power Kids Cooking Studio

June 13th – Bark in the Bark – Durham Bulls – bring your favorite pup! $5

June 16th – Business & Brunch

June 17th – Food Truck Rodeo – Durham Central Park

June 24th – 50 Shades of Rose- Coquette Brasserie – Raleigh

June 28th – Luke Bryan : What Makes You Country Tour 2018- Coastal Credit Union Music Park

June 29th – Open Mic Stand -Up Comedy – Durty Bull Brewing Co.

June 30th- Downtown Garner Pop Up Market – Garner Recreational Park


Health & wellness have become an extremely hot topic in recent years. We are constantly influenced by them every day whether it’s looking through you IG feed, watching TV,  reading magazines, or even your best friend trying to get you to the gym. Everyone is promoting health & wellness, and I’ve just joined the bandwagon. Continue reading “HAPPY + HEALTHY”


1 – Lo & Behold Natural Beauty Products – Lo & Behold is a 100% natural body care company based in Durham, NC. Using only the purest ingredients, we bring an air of delight to your day by handcrafting products with alluring aromas, luscious textures, and original local artwork.  We seriously love love LOVE all of her products. Give your mom a rest,  draw her a nice hot bath and let her enjoy her new body products!

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Last week was a long one for me. I spent hours slaving away at my spring cleaning chores and switching out my wardrobe of sweaters to tank tops. So I decided this weekend I would relax with friends and have a TREAT- YO – SELF weekend ( the office lovers should understand).  I wined & dined, bought myself some new shoes & jewerly, and polished it off with a hair appointment with my favorite hair stylist – Caitlin DeSantis.

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Bark Friendly Bars (raleigh/durham)

Spring has finally arrived in North Carolina…or at least we think it has.   The excitement of transitioning from cold to warm weather has all of us going crazy. For us humans, this means tanning, laying by the pool, and warm nights out. But for our furry best friends this means more outdoor quality time with you!

So-  if you’re like us here at OAK+PINE- you want to have drink out with friends and your favorite pup too. That is why we have highlighted our TOP 5 dog-friendly bars in the Raleigh/Durham areas for you to check out this Spring/Summer!

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It’s All About the Honey, Honey

Honey Bee Interior Design

So you just bought your first home, or maybe you’ve been living in your home for a few months or years now and your looking around trying to figure out what is missing. Maybe your walls are lacking the pinterest worthy decor you’ve been pining after, or maybe your bed room is screaming for a face lift. Whatever the case may be, the one thing you DON’T want to do is spend your precious time and money on the wrong decor or improvements. I’m sure most of us agree. We try to tap in to our local target or home goods store and blindly put together a what we think will be beautifully themed room, but once we put it all together there is just something off.

If any of the above descibes you then you need to keep on reading. We’ve got the answer to ALL your problems here with one name. HONEY BEE INTERIOR DESIGNS.

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Hey everyone! Last week we ventured out to Chapel Hill to celebrate a birthday with family and friends. Our lunch pick was the notorious BARTACO, and trust me it definitely lived up to the hype. Recommended by a close friend, BARTACO is the ideal spot for any taco & tequila lovers. Bartaco is inspired by the beach culture of Brazil, Uruguay and Southern California. They are an upscale street food restaurant with a coastal vibe in a relaxed environment. As previous bartenders ourselves, we appreciated the freshly-squeezed juices, specialty handmade cocktails and beer they had to offer.


With white-washed interiors, hanging woven basket light fixtures, and rustic framed photos lining the wall, it instantly becomes a pinterest worthy backdrop! Their outdoor dining is perfect for those warm spring and summer days with plenty of cozy blankets to snuggle up in on those cooler afternoons!  Here are some pictures from our visit last Sunday!










Ben  even knew the amazing head chef Josh Coburn, who came out to greet us and make sure that my nut allergy was properly dealt with!

Now, lets dive into the menu. Their tacos obviously are their specialty (along with the rice bowls). You server will explain to you the ordering process, but to sum it up you order them how you want and as many as you want, and they come out as soon as they are ready one by one or multiple at a time!




I enjoyed their portabello  & questo taco, along with the MUST have Angus Ribeye taco (my favorite). Their selection offered other delicacies like spiced meats and fish including duck, chicken, cod, redfish and pork belly. I recommend ASKING YOUR SERVER ABOUT THE SPICY TACOS. If you’re like me and opt for less spicy foods – you may want to figure out which ones have the most kick! The majority of your options here will be foods  that have a kick to them, so if that’s your preference, this is defiantly the spot for you! Be sure to check out and try their hot sauces (Jalapeno, Roja, and Super Hot Habanero (available for purchase!).

All in all we had one of the best dining experiences you could have at a restaurant. Between our outstanding service and hospitality from the staff we would go back on service alone. However, you can’t beat a Saturday afternoon “chillin out, maxing, relaxing all cool, enjoying some tequila and tacos too.”

 Looks like it’s going to be a gorgeous weekend  in the Carolinas, so go snag a table on their patio at BARTACO in Chapel Hill , or look out for their new location coming soon in North Hill’s!



                                                               201 s. estes drive, ste. E3
                                                                       Chapel Hill, NC


Hey everyone!

This week we focused on reaching out to some local friends to highlight their services and business. Today’s feature is the talented Sydney Durrett, owner, artist, and creative mind behind Durrett Designs!  I (Amanda) have been following Sydney’s pursuit of art and design ever since my early college days. Stemming from an art background myself, I enjoy watching Sidney’s journey in creating custom art and designs for local businesses, family and friends. Her collections feature cityscapes, skylines, spirit Animals and the newest of the new, Nudes! ⇒ Continue reading “DURRETT DESIGNS”



Becca Rizzo

If you ask any photographer why they love what they do, the obvious answer will be because they love taking photos! But Becca strives to take it a step further by cultivating friendships with her clients and connecting on a more personal level. She uses her blogs to encourage others, and hopes that being an entrepreneur will inspire others to dream big AND actually go after those dreams! She’s also a huge believer in the power of marriage and wants her clients to know she is cheering them on for a lifetime.





 Becca is a wedding photographer, but also loves portrait and lifestyle photography. She is always open to trying something new, so if you have an idea- throw it her way! She also LOVES to travel and is always willing to make the drive (or flight!) to capture the moments you want frozen in time. And a scenic backdrop never hurts!





Becca has been a Raleigh local for about 3 years now, after finishing school in the charming coastal town of Wilmington. Even though Becca was born and raised in Richmond, Virginia, North Carolina has definitely stolen her heart. She loves what Raleigh has to offer and is excited to further grow her photography and blogging business in the City of Oaks!

This talented photographer is a close friend of ours and we have always known her to be extremely supportive of those close to her. When starting her photography business she asked Amanda and her boyfriend Ben to take a couples photo shoot with her. Amanda of course jumped at the opportunity. They are are not the most photogenic or charismatic couple by any means, but with Becca’s enthusiasm and attention to detail she was able to capture the spirit of the relationship in some beautifully composed pictures. We highly recommend reaching out to Becca for your wedding, couples shoot, or whatever services you need. She is extremely easy going and will cater to your needs! Check out this B-E-A-UTIFUL shot she captured last fall of Ben & Amanda.


Below you can see some of Becca’s favorite sessions. Those below take place in North Carolina and Virginia, but she is hoping to expand her photography nationwide (and hey, maybe even worldwide one day!)


Becca Rizzo Photography

Raleigh, NC and open to travel

Website: beccarizzophotography.com

Blog: beccarizzo.com
Instagram / Facebook


Nestled in Lafayette Village of North Raleigh, this southern kitchen showcases down south cooking and hospitality at its finest. About two months ago  Amanda recruited coworkers and friends to help find the perfect dining solution for her and her boyfriends 2 year anniversary. Since her boyfriend is a North Carolina born man, she ideally wanted somewhere that would serve up their best offering of  fried chicken. A friend suggested  Driftwood as a romantic yet casual option. The first trip was a success and now we have been back a handful of times!

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This week has been full of family, friends, and birthdays. Just when I thought February was a good month to buckle down and save money, I remembered how many people we must celebrate this month. With that in mind this has been THE month of wining and dining!

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B  U  K  U

Sundays are like mini holidays; they’re best spent with friends and family around the table, often filled with food and festive libations. With warm weather approaching, enjoying all that food and conversation on a great patio is a little piece of heaven, especially when there is a fully stocked buffet and room full of champagne waiting for you inside.
This place is very real: buku global street found can be found on the corner of Wilmington and Davie street, and they serve up a mean buffet every Sunday. Buku has made a name for themselves across town, known for global street food (with vegetarian and vegan options) in a refined dining setting. The chefs prepare an array of tapas and flavorful dishes daily, each nods to time-honored recipes that spans generations. Inspired by the pushcarts of street vendors in cities across the globe, Buku specializes in a new type of dining that is designed for mix & match and the kind of plate sharing that sparks conversation! Sunday is their chance to play with a different format by a buffet spread  with everything from sweet made-to-order waffles to good old fried chicken.

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Are you ever in the MOOD for something? By MOOD I mean a moment like listening to Jack Johnson’s “Banana Pancakes” while making banana pancakes early in the morning? Well that was me this past Sunday – dancing around the kitchen like a pancake making fool. I have never made the dish before & loved the way my improvised breakfast turned out! So, I’d thought I would share this easy way to make Banana Pancakes in under 15 minutes!

What you need:

Large Mixing Bowl
Large skillet
A Potato Masher (easier to use than a whisk)
3/4 cup Birch Benders organic pancake mix
1 tbs  DeKuyper Creme de Banana (optional)
1 tsp of vanilla extract
2-3 Bananas
1 cup water



  1.  In a large mixing bowl combine 3/4 cup of Birch Benders Organic Pancake Mix, water, Bananas ( 3 for a thicker pancake), vanilla extract,  & Creme de Banana if you want extra sweet pancakes.
  2. Use the masher to mash all the ingredients together. For a thinner pancake add more water as desired. 
  3. Let the mix sit for about 2-3 minutes before you pour onto skillet.
  4. Pour mix into skillet (should hold about 2-3 pancakes at a time depending on size). Cook for about 1 1/2 minutes each side on medium heat.
  5. Top with some powdered sugar, your favorite berries, and maple syrup and voila-you are done!



Stay tunes for more recipe’s!

xo – Amanda


Lemonade, a cool, sweet summertime staple you can drink endlessly. Just mix in some vodka & 80 degree weather and you’ve got yourself one relaxing afternoon. This past weekend I visited my mother in Oak Island, NC to celebrate her 60th birthday along with Mother’s Day. After our 40+ hour work weeks it was time to treat ourselves to some long overdue sand, sea, and sun. We hit the store to stock up on beer and buy ingredients for one of my favorite summertime drinks. I snagged this recipe from one of my girlfriends Brooke – hence “Brooke’s Lemonade.” It’s the perfect combination of flavor & hydration all the while catching a light buzz in the sun!   Continue reading “BROOKE’S LEMONADE”